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Find a Dealer Near You

For the convenience of our customers, Atmos Energy has compiled a "Gas Dealer Network," which is a list of companies identifying themselves as plumbers in your area. The requirements for being in the Atmos Energy Gas Dealer Network are, at the time of listing: (1) compliance with state licensure standards, if any, and (2) proof of commercial general liability insurance coverage of $1 million or greater. Companies in the Atmos Energy Gas Dealer Network range from heating and cooling technicians to natural gas plumbers to retailers, among many others.

Besides giving advice for saving energy, these dealers can also help you:

  • Purchase or service a new natural gas appliance 
  • Repair or install natural gas piping
  • Purchase or service a natural gas heating system
  • Explore energy efficient products and services  

*Participation in the Gas Dealer Network is not an endorsement by Atmos Energy, nor does Atmos Energy make any representation or warranty regarding any services performed by a participant.

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