Charles K. Vaughan Center | Atmos Energy
Picture of the front of the Charles K. Vaughan center at dusk.

Charles K. Vaughan Center

Investing in Our Employees

Atmos Energy employees learn and practice safety skills in a specially-built, mini community complete with buildings and a functioning gas distribution system beneath city streets. Trainees install actual meters, inspect and repair functioning underground pipelines, respond to emergency situations, and prepare for real-life scenarios. 


Staff trainees may also be in the gas-flow lab learning about the myriad types—and conditions—of pipe and equipment they could find in the field. Or, they might be attending a lecture or taking a test in an adjacent state-of-the-art classroom. 

These resources are all part of the Charles K. Vaughan Center, named after Atmos Energy’s visionary first chairman and CEO, Charles K. Vaughan. Like him, the center is a company-wide beacon for the highest standards of work quality, customer service and - most of all - safety.