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Budget Billing Provides a More Predictable Bill

Winter weather can cause your bills to rise unexpectedly as your usage naturally increases. That’s why Atmos Energy offers Budget Billing which helps you manage your monthly household budget. This plan spreads out your natural gas bills throughout the year, so you are not surprised with high winter gas bills. Budget Billing is based on a rolling,12-month average of your bill and adjusts each month.

Atmos Energy monitors your account each month to ensure you are paying an average of what you owe. Your Budget Bill amount due is recalculated each billing cycle based on your usage and the cost of natural gas, which will cause your payment amount to fluctuate somewhat from month to month. 

Budget Billing is not a discount program. It does however provide you with a more predictable amount due every month. Each month’s bill includes the current month’s charges and the monthly budget amount due. We also include your total budget balance – which is the balance of all charges and payments – so that you can keep track of your account. If you are late making a payment, your budget billing plan can end – which will result in a bill for any deferred, budget billing charges.

Log in to the Account Center to sign up for Budget Billing. (Residential customers only. Qualifications apply.)

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