Leadership | Atmos Energy


President and Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Akers was named president and chief executive officer in October 2019.
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

In February 2017, Chris Forsythe was named senior vice president and chief financial officer. Forsythe joined Atmos Energy in June 2003 and was promoted to director, financial reporting, in September 2003.

Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Karen joined Atmos Energy in June 2015 as a Senior Attorney and was promoted to Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary in August 2017.   Prior to joining Atmos Energy, she was in private practice for 19 years, most recentl

Senior Vice President, Utility Operations

In October 2021, John McDill was named senior vice president, utility operations. 

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Matt was promoted to senior vice president, human resources in January 2017.

President, Colorado-Kansas Division

Bart Armstrong was named president of the Colorado/Kansas division on December 1, 2020.  Previously, he served as vice president of operations in Colorado/Kansas division.

Vice President, Governmental and Public Affairs

Liz Beauchamp was named vice president, governmental and public affairs in August 2017. 

President, Kentucky/Mid-States Division

Kevin Dobbs was named President of Atmos Energy Kentucky/Mid-States division in April 2017.  Previously, Dobbs served for ten years as vice president of operations for the Northern Region of the Kentucky/Mid-States Division.

President, Mississippi Division

David Gates was named president of the Mississippi Division in May 2007. Gates served as vice president of Operations for the Kentucky/Mid-States Division from 2003 to 2007.

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Rich Gius was named vice president and chief information officer in 2007.

Vice President, Strategic Planning

Conrad Gruber was named vice president, strategic planning, in July 2004.

Senior Vice President, Technical and Operating Services

Jeff Knights was named Senior Vice President, Technical and Operating Services, in August 2018.  Jeff is responsible for the Technical Services organization supporting the Mid-Tex and Atmos Pipeline-Texas divisions, including overseeing the annual

Vice President, Workforce Development

Martin joined Atmos Energy in April, 2009 as manager of technical training delivery. She was named director of technical training in November 2010.

President, Atmos Pipeline - Texas

In January 2020, Jeff Martinez was named president of Atmos Pipeline - Texas.

Vice President of Investor Relations and Treasurer
Daniel M. Meziere was named vice president of investor relations and treasurer in August 2020.
Vice President, Customer Service

Richard Mitschke was named vice president of Customer Service on January 1, 2021.

Vice President, Tax
Joel Multer joined Atmos Energy in August 2021.
President, West Texas Division
Becky Palmer was named president of the West Texas Division on January 1, 2017
President, Mid-Tex Division

John Paris was named president of the Mid-Tex Division in May 2007. Paris is responsible for Atmos Energy's largest division with 1.6 million customers.

Vice President, Pipeline Safety

Jennifer Ries was named vice president of pipeline safety on January 1, 2022.

Vice President and Controller
Richard Thomas joined Atmos Energy in June 2013 as director capital markets and was promoted to vice president and controller in February 2017.
President, Louisiana Division
Oric Walker was named president of the Louisiana Division on January 1, 2022. Previously, he served as Vice President of Public Affairs in Atmos Energy’s Mid-Tex Division.