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Sign the 811 Day Pledge

Natural gas safety is a partnership, so we want everyone to understand the importance of calling 811 before building a deck, planting a tree, installing a fence or digging for any other project. Calling 811 is free, it’s safe and it’s required by law – helping to protect millions of miles of underground utility lines that are vital to everyday life.

American Red Cross will receive $1 donation for every pledge completed online (up to $10,000). 

I pledge to:

  • Always call 811 at least three business days* before I start any digging project
  • Live by example and encourage my friends and neighbors to do the same
  • Educate others about the importance of knowing the location of underground utility lines before I dig
  • Become an advocate for calling 811 before digging to keep me, my community and utility lines safe

*This timeframe varies by state. Click here for state law information.