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Atmos Energy employee in discussion with a customer on their front lawn.

Natural Gas Safety

Stay Safe with Natural Gas

Millions of people use natural gas every day to heat their homes, cook their food, dry their clothes, and to make their lives more comfortable. Natural gas burns cleaner and has the best safety and reliability record of traditional energy sources. As a natural gas customer you should know:

  • How to recognize and respond to a natural gas leak.
  • When to call 811 before you dig outside so you’re sure to avoid natural gas pipelines.
  • How to correctly use your gas oven, furnace and other equipment to prevent a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide.

Learn how to use natural gas safely inside your home by watching this kid-friendly video:

How to Recognize a Natural Gas Leak

Smell: Natural gas in its original form has no odor. For your safety, Atmos Energy adds mercaptan to the gas, which smells like rotten eggs. This odor is the most common way people with a normal sense of smell notice natural gas leaks.

Listen: When gas escapes near an oven, heater or other gas equipment you may hear a hissing sound. If there’s a leak near a pipeline, the sound may be louder and deeper.

Look: Natural gas has no color, but you may see a thick cloud, blowing dirt or bubbling water. Other clues are dried spots in moist areas or dead vegetation near a gas line.