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Keeping our natural gas system safe and reliable

Day in and day out, we survey and monitor our natural gas system for leaks using advanced technology. We also rely on the public to call us if a leak is suspected. 

How a Leak Occurs

Distribution system Leaks on Atmos Energy’s system typically occur as the result of accidental damage caused by excavators or contractors during construction or street work. In fact, more than 60% of all hazardous leaks are caused by excavation damage. That’s why we continually educate the public and excavators on the importance of calling 811 before digging.

Customer-owned piping Natural gas leaks can occur on customer-owned piping, yard lines and equipment. Your gas piping should be inspected periodically for leaks. A licensed plumber or qualified contractor can locate, inspect and repair buried piping on your property. If corrosion or a dangerous condition is discovered, the piping should be repaired as soon as possible. If the leak is on the customer side of the meter, we will turn off the gas until the necessary repairs can be made. Learn more about home safety here.

How Leaks are Found

Atmos Energy performs leak surveys as part of our normal operations. We use advanced technology to inspect our pipelines and identify any leaks. If a hazardous leak is found, we take immediate action to eliminate the hazard. If a non-hazardous leak is found, it is scheduled for repair.

We also rely on the public to call us if a leak is suspected. You can smell, listen and look for natural gas leaks. If you suspect a gas leak, call 911 and our 24/7 emergency line 866.322.8667. We will always send a technician free of charge to investigate.

How a Leak is Graded

Leaks identified on the Atmos Energy transmission and distribution systems are investigated and graded in accordance with our repair procedures, which meet or exceed the requirements of the state or federal regulation.

  • Grade 1 - Leaks which represent an immediate hazard to persons and/or property. These leaks are addressed and repaired immediately.

  • Grade 2 and 3 - Leaks recognized as being nonhazardous at the time of detection but having the potential to become a future hazard. These leaks are scheduled for repair.

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