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Texas State-Specific Requirement

Atmos Energy is here to help your school operate in a safe and dependable manner.  Since 2004, the State of Texas has required all public, charter and accredited private schools to have their natural gas piping systems tested for leaks every two years.

According to state law, each school facility must provide documentation proving that their natural gas piping passed inspection by a licensed plumber, qualified school employee or other approved person. If a school does not provide documentation that proves their facility passed inspection prior to the start of the school year, then natural gas service to the school facility will be interrupted until such inspection is provided.

What Do I Need To Do?

Atmos Energy now uses an online School Gas Pipe Testing portal for the school or district to enter their testing data. Every spring, Atmos Energy will email to appropriate school personnel a School Gas Pipe Testing information packet to every public, charter and accredited private school that requires testing that year. The email contains the school’s portal login information, instructions for using the portal and entering the testing data. We'll also provide the official Railroad Commission of Texas' testing regulations from the Texas Administrative Code. Instructions for using the portal and the TRRC testing regulations are listed below.

Summary of requirements:

  • School facilities with gas piping systems must be tested every two years for leaks
  • School facilities are required to provide documentation to their gas utility
  • Testing must be completed and entered into Atmos Energy’s online testing portal by the start of the school year or natural gas service will be terminated
  • Required testing criteria:
    • Normal Operating Pressure (NOP) less than (<) 0.5 psig*, test at 5 psig for 30 minutes
    • NOP greater than (>) or equal to 0.5 psig, test at 1.5 times the NOP or 5 psig, whichever is greater, for 30 minutes
    • NOP of 5 psig or greater, test either at 1.5 times NOP for 30 minutes or at NOP for 1 hour

*psig – pounds per square inch of gas


Where Can I Access the Portal?

Access the School Gas Pipe Testing portal here.

More Information

Instructions for the Online School Gas Pipe Testing Program

Texas School Pipe Testing Administrative Code

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