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Publications and Filings

Latest Company Publications 

2021 Proxy Statement

Atmos Energy's Proxy Statement that includes three proposals: 

  • Proposal One—Election of Directors
  • Proposal Two—Amendment to the 1998 Long-Term Incentive Plan
  • Proposal Three—Ratification of Appointment of our Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
  • Proposal Four—Advisory Vote to Approve Executive Compensation (“Say-on-Pay”)

View the Proxy Statement

2020 Annual Report

View the Annual Report

2020 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report

Atmos Energy has compiled our second annual Corporate Responsibility Report outlining the company’s environmental, social and governance performance. 

View 2020 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report

Methane Emissions Report

Read our latest Methane Emissions Report that provides targeted information to the public on our efforts to monitor, control and reduce methane emissions. Atmos Energy is also working with the American Gas Association to provide standardized platforms for disclosure of methane emissions to the investment community and other stakeholders.

View 2020 Methane Emissions Report

AGA ESG Gas Quantitative 2019 Template

eGGRT Greenhouse Gas Data 2018